Aphrodisiac Box – Superfood Box
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Aphrodisiac Box


Aphrodisiac Box

In this Superfood Box, the Aphrodisiac Box* we shed light on some foods that can help to boost libido, sexual performance, and sexual satisfaction. The collection includes a 75g jar of ashwagandha, a small 1g corked bottle of saffron, a 4oz bag of gelatinized maca, a 4oz jar of fenugreek seeds, a 2oz jar of catuaba, a 1.3oz jar of tribulus terrestris fruits, and a 4 horny goat weed tea bags.

Find out which of these is an ingredient in Oriental Joy Pills, which is used in 10 of the top 30 selling GNC men's health products, and which has been marketed as nature's Viagra.

Each box comes with an insert describing some of the studies, patents, and nutritional facts that explain why we chose them.


*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease (FDA Disclaimer).